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Gutter system 125/95

gutter system

The TM Alta-Profil PVC gutter system has the following characteristics:

Material: PVC

Trough length: 3 м

Diameter of the trough: 125 мм

Pipe length: 3 м

Diameter of the pipe: 95 мм

Colors: white and brown

Features of the Elit gutter system:
  • made of extra strong PVC, due to a special composition of the material, which makes the product highly impact-resistant;
  • this system is UV-resistant and has a long service life - more than 25 years. To prove its confidence, the company labels all the gutter fittings with its logo;
  • the pipes and troughs are covered with stretch film and packed in a polyethylene sleeve to avoid scratching;
gutter system
  • -the system does not have external or internal corners, right and left stubs - instead there is one all-use corner and one all-use stub. This is very convenient in the gutter's estimation and installation;
  • -on all connecting elements, there are rubber seals, which guarantee their absolute tightness;
  • -on all components of the system, the STOP signs are marked for convenience and ease of installation;
  • -longitudinal reinforcement beams on the trough ensure additional strength of the structure and prevent sticking of contaminants and leaves to the inner surface;
  • -you can install the system yourself due to the guidelines published on the website;
  • -It is important to remember to install sealers to prevent leakage in the system during installation and follow the sequence of actions as indicated on the website.
gutter system-1
  • Stopper
  • Trough
  • Trough socket
  • Trough corner
  • Drop outlet
  • Pipe bent 45 o
  • Pipe socket
  • Pipe
  • Pipe clamp
  • Gutter
  • Metallic trough bracket
  • Plastic trough bracket
  • Pipe with coupling
  • Adjustable trough corner
  • Pipe bent 67 o
  • Metal pipe clamp


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